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Yemen is waiting for the US to deliver on its promises

Speaking with Al Mayadeen, Yemeni top political leader, Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi, confirms that Yemen is waiting for the US to deliver on its promises, affirming that "Ansar Allah” is ready for dialogue which puts the interests of the Yemeni people first”.

Yemen is waiting for the US to deliver on its promises –  A Member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi said, in an exclusive interview with Al-Mayadeen, that Washington should stop the Saudi-UAE war on Yemen directly and immediately.”

“We are hopeful that the war will stop and that they (Americans) will deliver on their promises. That’s what we are looking for.”

In response to Biden’s latest remarks on Yemen, Al-Houthi said the movement would not be deceived by mere “statements”, adding that “any move that does not achieve results on the ground by ending the blockade and the aggression remains a formality.”

“The group had heard the US administration’s recent statements on Yemen, but had yet to see anything happen”.
Al-Houthi emphasized that what Saudi Arabia and the UAE did was “premeditated terrorism,” explaining that the Saudi alliance has failed, during his military war since 2004, to defeat Yemenis. Our movement does not fear their powers and we are ready to fight back if necessary.”

He continued: “We are not afraid of this war and we are willing to go to war to defend or extend national interests, but we are with peace,” highlighting that “all matters can be resolved during peace negotiations if arrogance is laid aside.”

Al-Houthi called on Washington to take serious actions and to stop the war immediately, pointing out to the lack of communication channels with its administration until this moment.”
Besides, US President Joe Biden declared on Thursday a halt to US support for the Saudi Arabia-led aggression on Yemen.

“This war has to end,” the US president said during a visit to the US State Department in Washington. “And to underscore our commitment, we’re ending all American support for offensive operations in the war in Yemen, including relevant arms sales.”

In response, Al Houthi said that Biden proposed stopping the war on Yemen during his election campaign, because he wants to “rescue US foreign policy after trump.”

“If Biden breaches the cessation of the war on Yemen, which he pledged to stop, then he undermines the confidence of the US voter and this is what he does not want. The announcement on Yemen fulfills a campaign pledge, “he went on to say.

Al Houthi also urged Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz to stop the war and move towards peace.

“Ansar Allah adheres to a negotiation which puts the interests of the Yemeni people first”.

Al-Houthi considered that the people in Yemen shall freely determine their political status. The political solution must be subjected to a referendum and the movement will abide to what the people decide.”

The top political leader also called for an immediate end to the Saudi-led aggression and blockade on Yemen, calling for financial compensation similar to the compensation that Kuwait has received from Iraq.

He announced that “the Yemeni armed forces would cease fire if the Saudi-led coalition ends its aggression on Yemen, stressing on the legitimate right of the Yemeni people to defend themselves, by using locally manufactured weapons.”

Al-Houthi pointed out that the leaders of “ISIS” and “Al-Qaeda” had filmed meetings with Vice President Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar in Aden, adding that the threat of “ISIS” comes from Saudi Arabia and the US.

Commenting on Britain’s stance, al-Houthi said that selling arms to the coalition is a “crime”, stating that“the UK knows who the Yemenis are. The Yemeni people have previously liberated their land from British colonialism, meanwhile, the Yemeni army can reach them with its advanced weapons.”

On the future of the resolution and the possibilities of partition, Al-Houthi indicated that the UN Security Council affirms their strong commitment to Yemen’s unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, considering that any talk about separation is just a “mere slogan to mobilize fighters.”

The Member of the Supreme Political Council in Yemen called on the Yemeni people to have a high level of awareness and caution “particularly during the peace process”, praising the efforts of the Yemeni armed forces and their role in “preserving the country’s independence”.

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