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Why Palestine Still Exists Despite Israeli Efforts to Make the World Forget it

The Palestinian cause has been a serious regional issue for at least 5 decades since the arrival of the Zionists to occupy their land.

As the Zionists regime tried to gain global recognition, it is also trying to make the world forget Palestine. Decades went by and Palestine still exists. The issue made many political circles in the world to study the factors that led to the survival of Palestine despite Western all-out supports.

The Arab states gathered to solve the issue. They have fought five fruitless wars with Israel between 1948 and 1982. They pour out multimillion-dollar support for the Palestinian Authority has resulted nothing but security coordination with Israel.

The Saudi initiative, which was ridiculed by Sharon, declared that “what a pity for the pen and paper that was spent writing this plan!” It did not benefit either the Palestinians.

The position of the Arab governments against the 13-year siege of the Gaza Strip, the development of settlements in the West Bank is another example of the shameful stance of Arab governments. Later in 2020 some of these Arab countries stated that the way to solve Palestinian issue is to make a peace deal with Israel. They normalize their relation with Israel which Palestinian consider it as a ‘stab in the back’ instead of solution of the conflict.

So, what are the real reasons behind the Palestine’s survival as a recognized state and the failure of Western projects on this land? Studies show that it was because of Iran. Iran has been officially supporting Palestine since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution era. As the First Iranian Supreme Leader, Imam Khomeini called the world to regard the last Friday of Ramadhan (ninth month of Islamic calendar) as Quds International Day where the people gather to express their supports toward Palestinians and denounce the Zionist’s occupation. The gathering went international and is being held across the globe annually.

Another reason was lied within Khomeini’s successor, Ali Khamenei’s remark. He stated that Iranian Top General, Qasem Soleimani ‘filled Palestinian’s hands’ so they could build power to confront Israeli occupation. So far Palestinians have 2 main resistance group: Hamas and Islamic Jihad Movement. Both of the groups admit Iranian and Soleimani’s pivotal role in their struggle as Ismail Haniyeh (one of Hamas leader) hailed him as “Quds Martyr”.

The groups presence has changed the power equation. These groups were able to force Israel to call for a ceasefire just in 48 hours. This fact shows that what keep Palestine exist was not a diplomatic compromise with the Zionists, but the resistance. Under Soleimani’s command, Gaza became the main obstacle to realize the Zionist and Western project in the occupied land.

The outcome of diplomatic compromise is illegal settlements construction which slowly grab Palestinian land inch-by-inch in West Bank every single day. But did we see any settlement construction in Gaza? The resistance groups have shown Mahmoud Abbas and their allies that compromising with Israel won’t solve anything. Without the resistance, Palestine would have been completely erased from the world’s mind a long time ago



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