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Vucic accuses Kosovo of breaking Washington Agreement

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic pointed out last night during an appearance on Pink TV that his country is facing a difficult period regarding Kosovo and Metohija, adding that the state has information that “the Albanians are planning Kosovo’s further accession to international organizations.”

“We have received information that the Albanians want to include Kosovo in the Conference of Constitutional Courts, which means that they are not respecting the Washington Agreement. We will follow these allegations and if proven true we will be forced to answer, and they will not like the answer,” Vucic said.

“I ask them to come to their senses, to respect the agreements they have signed, because if they don’t we will respond immediately,” said the Serbian President.

Regarding the wiretapping scandal, Vucic noted that “the authorities are doing their job and are doing it well. I do not understand what happened at some point, but if I have to accept part of the responsibility; it is just that I have been too busy with everything else and that I paid little attention to it, even though people warned me, that I did not want to believe that it happened.” The president said he was pleased with the work of former Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic.

“Nebojsa is a smart, hardworking, young man; there were mistakes in his work, there is no doubt about it. But who does not make mistakes? He did a lot of important and good things and I am sure he will continue to work that way in the department he is in now,” said Vucic.



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