Victims of Torture and Rape in Bosnian War will seek 25 Billion U.S. Dollars from Serbia and Republika Srpska - Balkan Times

Victims of Torture and Rape in Bosnian War will seek 25 Billion U.S. Dollars from Serbia and Republika Srpska

Proceedings will be launched next month by a legal team led by Sulejman Tabakovic to seek verification of New York District Court verdicts in cases against Radovan Karadzic regarding compensation for victims of torture and rape in Republika Srpska camps. To recall, the court in New York 20 years ago in the cases “R. Kadic and Others v. Karadzic ”and“ Jane Doe v. Karadzic ”handed down convictions, in which, in addition to Karadzic, SDS, RS, and the Republic of Serbia were found guilty.

RS and Serbia should now face a compensation claim whose total value, with interest rates rising every day, is higher than the originally estimated $ 25 billion.

According to Tabakovic, the requests should be realized within three to six months, after which the process of collecting receivables will start. In October, he announced the blockade of the property of Serbia and RS, and thus the abolition of this BiH entity.

Anyone who thinks that these verdicts will not be implemented should just remember that Prlić, Karadžić, Mladić are in prison. These are verdicts on war crimes and let no one think that they will not be implemented, Avaz writes.

”It will be a “mini Hague”, which begins with the initiation of our requests, and which will be submitted to the municipal courts in Belgrade and Zagreb and the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo,” Tabakovic told Avaz.

”Our team is in contact with certain institutions that are ready to redeem this debt when we nationalize it. American associations and funds are very interested. They really care about the Balkans joining the EU and NATO. The issue of the Balkans can only be resolved if the consequences of war crimes and population plunder are reversed. This is the only way the Balkans can calm down. Those who want it, will need to negotiate with us to get those verdicts, to force the people in power to civilize and enter the EU where they will be equal, but also to atone for their sins by returning their rights to the victims,” said Tabakovic.

Tabakovic states that the war was waged with the aim of destroying BiH and dividing its property, and that the time has come for the crime to be punished in this way as well. He says that Serbia and RS, as participants in a joint criminal enterprise, confirmed in the verdict against Milosevic, but also in the verdicts against Karadzic, Mladic and others.

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