US military poisoning American communities with toxic chemicals

US military poisoning American communities with toxic chemicals

The US Department of Defense is secretly burning one of the most enduring, indestructible toxic chemicals known to man - Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) - despite its grave risks to human health.

According to Press TV, data published by Bennington College show that AFFF, which is a Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), is being incinerated near disadvantaged communities in the United States.

There is no evidence to show that incineration actually destroys these synthetic chemicals, but there are good reasons to believe that the burning simply emits these toxins into the air and onto nearby communities, farms, and waterways.

Yet, as the new data show, the US military ordered the clandestine burning of over 20 million pounds of AFFF and AFFF waste between 2016 and 2020.

The Pentagon is effectively carrying out a toxic experiment whose unwitting subjects are millions of Americans.

Exposure to trace amounts of these “forever chemicals” is strongly linked to a large number of cancers, developmental disorders, immune dysfunction, and infertility. It has also been linked to aggravated infections caused by COVID-19 and weakened vaccine effectiveness.

In December 2016, the US Armed Forces conducted a survey of military bases, identifying 393 sites of AFFF contamination in the country, including 126 sites where PFAS compounds infiltrated public drinking water.

In 2019, the Pentagon admitted those numbers were “under-counted,” and that, according to the Environmental Working Group’s popular map of PFAS contamination, the current number of polluted military sites stands at 704, a number that continues to increase.

Multiple states have pressured the Department of Defense to address the widespread problem

source; parstoday

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