US 'ceasefire plan' meant to prolong Yemen's descent into turmoil

US ‘ceasefire plan’ meant to prolong Yemen’s descent into turmoil

The spokesman for Yemen’s popular Ansarullah movement has dismissed the American proposal for a nationwide ceasefire in the war-torn Arab country, stating that the plan would plunge Yemen further into turmoil.

“The US plan doesn’t include breaking the siege or ceasing fire. It is actually a detour which would lead to a resumption of a (Saudi) blockade diplomatically,” Mohammed Abdul-Salam said in an interview with Yemeni Arabic-language al-Masirah television network on Friday evening.

He added, “One of the conditions presented in the initiative is to determine the destinations of flights departing Sana’a airport, and for the coalition of aggression to issue flight permits. This means they are not licensed here in Sana’a.”

“If they were serious to stop the [Saudi-led] aggression and siege, they would have declared a complete end to hostilities and blockade. We would then welcome the measure. Aggression and siege against Yemen have not stopped even for a single day over the past six years, so what is the US concept of ceasing fire or breaking the siege?” Abdul-Salam pointed out.

The Ansarullah spokesman went on to say that US presentation of Saudi conditions as a so-called peace plan once again proved that Washington explicitly supports the Saudi war and blockade against Yemen.

He further noted that what the US special envoy on Yemen, Tim Lenderking, presented was a plot to plunge the Arab state further into turmoil.

“It is unacceptable for an American envoy to present a plan which is inferior to that of the United Nations special envoy for Yemen (Martin Griffiths),” Abdul-Salam said.

He highlighted that there is no real change towards ending Saudi war and lifting the siege, stressing that such matters lie in the hands of the other side.

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