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The wrong calculations for the Wrong State

Netanyahu recently listed his ‘achievements’ of the week, from them mentioning the strengthened relations between Israel (the Wrong State) and the Arab states, in addition to other ‘achievements’ he couldn't mention openly.

Indeed, he is under the pretense that these so-called ‘achievements’ and ‘strengthening’ elements are adding up in favor of the Wrong State, through garnering power and breakthroughs, in what is considered a new phase of control in the region.

If we look back to the origin of the ideas upon which the Wrong State was founded, we see that from the onset of its establishment, there were two sides; the colonialists of imperial Britain, who used the Zionist project to reach their own goals, whilst the latter were (and still are) at the service of fulfilling the interests of the imperialists. The imperialists were in need of a large and advanced military base on the frontline, to exist in an area of high strategic importance for them, hence fulfilling their interests in accessing the riches and resources that they wanted full control over. Indeed, the vision and interest of the West went thus far; they were not in need nor interested in the creation of a new state- for they mapped out the region during WWI under the Sykes-Picot agreement, that split the Middle Eastern borders under British and French colonial mandate, much before America came to be known as a world power- post-WWII, that took over in their place. This interest of the West was to be met by the interests of the dominant intellectual force on the Jews- the active force of the Zionists, who advocated for a nationalist state for the Jews.

Whilst the West was in need of an advanced military base that was stable, that cannot exist on its own accord and is wholly dependent on the West; at the same time they planted this foreign base at the heart of the Middle East (West Asia), for it to consolidate its hegemony on the neighboring countries, that will grow to harbor enmity towards this foreign enemy. According to the Zionists, they wanted a large country with the components that would allow it to survive and ultimately thrive, thus fulfilling their interests of a national state for the Jewish people. What is meant by a ‘large country’ is that the borders were not to be limited, such that in front of any siege or war they aren’t to feel threatened, and that if they were to be overtaken or weakened they will not be destroyed, due to their small geographic expanse. Indeed, when Ariel Sharon led the Israeli Army into the heart of Lebanon during the invasion and was asked what the borders of this State signify, he said the borders are wherever their tanks stand.

The minimum land area allotted for the Zionists was agreed upon during the establishment of the Wrong State, with the lines drawn in 1947 that granted them 55% of Palestinian land; however, these borders were not enough for the Zionists’ ambitions, since the State needs to expand in order to survive. The aggressiveness in expanding is essential in changing the land from a military base, which the West wanted, to a real country capable of surviving. This came gradually and the West supported it since the original shame was in the meeting of their interests. Indeed, simply turning a military base into a country in itself is blatantly wrong, let alone if this was done at the expense of other people. The Zionists sought to strengthen their presence, by encouraging migration from Europe, such that those who became a part of the state will feel the need to defend it, which can be seen with many European countries to date, that allow their citizens to join the Israeli Army.

When the Zionists occupied the Palestinian lands and became the majority at the expense of the Palestinians, they sought to expand, with the second Arab-Israeli War of 1956 culminating in the Wrong State’s occupation of Sinai, and the third Arab-Israeli War ending with the new 1967 borders, that saw the annexation of the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights. For the first time in the war, there was a balance of powers during the 1973 October War, in that the Wrong State was not able to garner any extra land, and the ultimate peak it reached was during the 1982 invasion of Lebanon, which saw the Wrong State for the first time attack the heart of an Arab capital- Beirut. The peak it experienced occurred during the advent of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, which for the first time witnessed a serious resistance in the face of the occupation, in addition to the seed of the Islamic resistance that was planted in Lebanon. This steadfast resistance front is what ultimately led the Wrong State to lose land in certain areas they entered and never imagined they would ever leave- whether it be their unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000 or Gaza in 2005.

With this, the central idea of consolidating their presence, as a State that is capable of life began to diminish; they were unable to expand practically on the ground, since the growth of the real resistance movement and the environment of enmity that surrounded it created rules of engagements, that increased in favor of the resistance movements, despite what was considered a betrayal through the normalization tactics with the Arab States, that started at the Camp David Accords (with Egypt), to the Wadi Araba Treaty (with Jordan) and the Oslo Accords (with the PLO itself).

Since the idea of the survival of the Wrong State finished after 1982, in order to cover up its failure in expanding, it sought to substitute this expansion; rather than expanding on the ground, which could not be done due to the rules of engagement changing and the new balances established that was not in their favor, they sought to expand through control and influence. Instead of working on their own terms and in ease, through amassing land and populating it, they have been forced to deal with the resistance movement on the ground- which has been heavily strengthened after the Syrian Civil War, that saw a united front against the Wrong State, and who regard an attack on one as an attack on all. Rather than the Wrong State plotting to further their objectives in expanding, they can only think of how to best defend themselves from being destroyed; whilst the resistance has gone from defending itself to better advancing its capabilities and dictating the equations on the ground of reality.

In facing this situation, the Wrong State has reached a breaking point and seeks to penetrate through political influence, assassination, and the use of intelligence. Indeed, such actions are another piece of evidence for the decrease in the curve, that can be extrapolated to work out when the Wrong State will hit the zero point of the axis. They have forgotten that indeed, as planes reigning supreme on an altitude cannot put an end to war and lead to a state of victory, likewise a war through intelligence and assassinations cannot be considered a victory. The evidence for this is that all the previous assassinations attempts of the Iranian nuclear scientists to stop nuclear program led to more nuclear enrichment and advancements. Indeed, the plans to establish a ‘New Middle East’ during the Bush era, that sought to kill the resistance and topple Damascus, with all the money spent on training ISIS terrorists only led to their defeat and a stronger, more united resistance front, that has never been so strong.

On what victories is Netanyahu speaking of? Open normalization of relations with Arab states? It is simply a case of existing relations going from being under the table, to now over. Has the Wrong State gotten rid of any existing enemies or simply paved way for more vocal enemies, manifested through the population of the Arab nations, that consider normalizing ties an ultimate betrayal to the cause of the Ummah? Is it a victory to get the Arab State to normalize ties, who are slaves of the American establishment and who simply act in their command? The war is between America and Iran, in which the Wrong State is a small part of and indeed, its existence is wholly threatened by Iran. The Wrong State is fighting an enemy that is a lot greater than itself; even the threats they issue cannot be done unless under the cover and support of America. The Wrong State is unable to sacrifice itself for America and wants America to fight the battle on its behalf; indeed, the head of the war against it is Iran itself, since Iran is fighting American hegemony throughout the region. Then, on what achievements is Netanyahu talking about? On the balance, Netanyahu’s achievements are not real, therefore the curve depicting the Wrong State’s power is decreasing, nor are they able to reverse the power of the resistance and its development; even if it stays where it is, it is time high for the Wrong State to reach zero point.

To summarize, Netanyahu recently stated his achievements, when the reality is that the Wrong State is escaping forward. The occupying state by default can only expand if it wishes to survive, however, it has already reached its peak during the invasion of Lebanon in 1982, and since the emergence of the resistance fronts on the ground, it has only witnessed a series of defeats thereafter; withdrawing from Lebanon in 2000 and Gaza in 2005, solely due to the efforts of the strengthened resistance movement. The Wrong State does not have the capability to expand territorially, with a change in the rules of engagement and balance of powers, hence instead of expanding on the ground through territorial gain, it has sought to expand through penetrating the political sphere of influence – through normalization tactics, assassinations, and intelligence operations. Its strategy at the current moment is to weaken its enemy; whilst before the enemy was such that it couldn’t be felt, the current strategy is one of simply hoping to survive. Indeed, such a strategy cannot lead to a victory; it is simply a matter of time before the Wrong State will cease to exist, but when? Let’s see the direction of the curve and when it will hit the x-axis. It may indeed hit the zero point without there being a physical war, since the Wrong State is not capable of surviving; when the state was created and given its boundaries, the West wasn’t interested in expanding the military base into a state, but the Zionists wanted a state. When the Wrong State realized it couldn’t further expand and suffered defeats, it was sure it couldn’t survive as a State. The reality is that they don’t want to build an Israel, they simply want to survive- it is simply a matter of delaying their death. ‘One of them wishes that he could be granted life a thousand years, but it would not remove him in the least from the [coming] punishment that he should be granted life.’ Quran (2-96).

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