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The Visa-Free regime won’t be applied to Citizens of Saudi Arabia entering BiH

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) again did not vote for the abolition of visas for citizens of Saudi Arabia during the summer tourist season.

Even though it was expected that common sense would prevail this time, counting on the benefits that the visa-free regime would bring to Saudi tourists in the period from May to October, once again HDZ Minister of Justice Josip Grubesa and Minister of Civil Affairs Ankica Gudeljevic voted against.

On the other hand, ministers from SNSD and SDA voted “for”.

The large crowds in front of the BiH Embassy in Riyadh are the best indicator of the interest of citizens of Saudi Arabia in vacations in BiH, but they will still have to obtain visas to travel to our country, which makes it difficult for tourist workers to make arrangements.

In the meantime, other countries in the region are doing everything they can to attract tourists from Saudi Arabia, considering that they stay on vacation for up to a month, while spending significant amounts of money.

Saudi airlines recently noted they would guarantee 10 flights a week to BiH if visas are suspended. Now it is very questionable.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH previously clarified that tourists from those countries would be allowed to stay in BiH without a visa for a month, provided that they must have proof of their accommodation.

After this move of the HDZ, it is certain that millions of marks were lost, which would flow into the state budget with the arrival of a large number of tourists from that country,


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