Protests over Black man’s killing continue for fifth night in Minneapolis

Protests over Black man’s killing continue for fifth night in Minneapolis

The death of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man who was fatally shot by a white police officer in a Minneapolis suburb on Sunday, has given fresh impetus to the Black Lives Matter movement in the US.

According to Press TV, protests over the cold-blooded murder continued for the fifth night on Thursday despite a 10 p.m. local time curfew announced by the Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott.

Hundreds of protesters, carrying umbrellas as a shield, assembled outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department in Minnesota on Thursday night, raising evocative slogans against the police and growing incidents of racist violence in the country.

Police officers remained on alert with canisters of tear gas and additional set of fences and barriers to prevent protesters from coming close to the police department building.

The protesters projected a large billboard reading ‘Black Lives Matter’ outside an apartment building in the vicinity of the police station.

Protests continue unabated in Minneapolis and beyond since Sunday when Wright was shot about 10 miles from where African-American George Floyd was killed by police last May.

Shock and grief over the heinous murder spread to different parts of the country after Brooklyn Center officials held a presser showing body camera footage of the incident, in which a lady officer is heard yelling “Taser!” as she shot Wright with her handgun. Seconds later, she said, “I just shot him.”

In a television interview after the incident, Daunte’s father Aubrey Wright said he did not accept the police chief’s explanation of events.

Protests have swept across the country despite strong arm tactics used by the police to quell them. Earlier this week, police used indiscriminate force and tear gas to quell protests, but could not deter them from taking to streets in subsequent days and nights.

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