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Palestinian Factions Call For Day of Rage, Expanding Intifada

Palestinian factions call for a general mobilization, taking to the streets, and confronting the "Israeli" occupation in addition to denouncing international organizations' silence.

Palestinian Factions Call For Day of Rage, Expanding Intifada- Resistance factions called for general mobilization in occupied Jerusalem (Al-Quds), the West Bank, and the lands occupied in 1948, stating that they will continue the battle of defending occupied Jerusalem (Al-Quds) and Sheikh Jarrah.

During a convention in Gaza, the resistance factions said, “You are not alone o people of Al-Quds… We are with you, and we will not leave you alone.”

Hamas Senior spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri urged “all of our people to take to the street and confront the occupation.”

Abu Zuhri saw that “This great gift in Al-Quds, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque squares and the great sacrifice that the people of Jerusalem embodied is a new confirmation that the fate of the city is in the hands of its original people and that its identity will remain Arabic and Palestinian, and the Zionist occupier will not find a place in it.”

Palestinian Islamic Jihad called for expanding the intifada and popular anger throughout Palestine.

It denounced the suspicious silence of the international organizations that have become “helpless and weak,” adding, “The international organizations’ job has become to justify the crimes of organized terrorism practiced by the forces of arrogance.”

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called for considering today a day for anger and escalating the intifada, as well as flocking towards occupied Jerusalem (Al-Aqsa) to break the cordon and confront the storming of Al-Aqsa.

It considered that “the Al-Aqsa intifada is the most proper way to respond to normalization and compromising.”

Abnaa el-Balad political bureau member Ahmed Khalifa told Al Mayadeen that “all the arms of the occupation are intertwined against our defenseless people,” and he added, “Our people say today that they will not accept another nakba.”

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine member Talal abu Zarifa stressed that “what is happening in occupied Jerusalem (Al-Quds) of incursions into holy sites, confiscation of lands and attacks against Palestinian youths are a crime in the daytime before the world.”


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