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Palestinian Ambassador in BiH: Palestinians are victims of Netanyahu’s racism

The tragedy and suffering of the Palestinian people have not stopped since Nakba Day in 1948, also known as the Palestinian Catastrophe, and this is because Israel refuses to respect mutual agreements, Palestinian Ambassador to Bosnia, Rezeq Namoora, told the Fena news agency.

Palestinian Ambassador in BiH: Palestinians are victims of Netanyahu’s racism- Namoora explained that Palestinian leadership sought the establishment of peace, which resulted in the Oslo Accords in the 1990s, noting that it did not fulfil the aspirations and rights of the Palestinian people, but the Palestinian leadership still accepted it.

He said that Israel, however, did not respect any part of the Agreement.

“Furthermore, it continued its racist aggression and attempts at ethnic cleansing and destruction with even more violence,” he said.

He argued that the latest example of this was the attempt to evict the inhabitants of an entire settlement in Jerusalem, the settlement of al-Sheikh Jarrah.

Meanwhile, there were incursions into the al-Aqsa Mosque and its complex by hundreds of Israeli soldiers, police officers and settlers under the protection of the Israeli army on a daily basis, he claimed.

They tried to prevent Muslim from praying at the Mosque, he said, adding that “all means of force” were used toward that goal and that it resulted in many hundreds of people being wounded and injured.

Namoora called the Israeli government “racist” and an occupying force that committed aggression against Palestinians.

“Therefore, Israel now bears responsibility for this dangerous escalation and war of extermination against the Palestinians in all parts of Palestine, and especially in Gaza,” he said.

The ambassador said that so far there were dozens of dead and hundreds injured in Gaza and that a high percentage of them were children. Other than that, dozens of residential buildings or buildings where news agencies, TV stations, as well as humanitarian and human rights organizations were seated, were destroyed, he said.

“All attempts by the occupying government to distort the facts and present the victim as the culprit, and the racist and criminal culprit as innocent and the victim will fail,” he said, directly blaming Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for the escalation of the conflict.


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