No peace in sight for Yemen unless aggressors’ end attacks, siege lifted

No peace in sight for Yemen unless aggressors’ end attacks, siege lifted, foreign troops leave

A member of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council says there will be no peace in sight for the Arab country unless the Saudi-led coalition of aggressors stop their attacks, the siege is lifted and occupying forces leave the country.

“There is no political solution before stopping the aggression, lifting the siege, ending the occupation and making reparations [for the losses],” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

He referred to a document containing nine provisions aimed at reducing tensions in Ma’rib Province and said, the 9-point document, which was presented some time ago, was not accepted by the Yemeni people, “because the other side does not want to establish peace in Yemen and only talks, and they do not accept any practical solution, neither this document nor a comprehensive solution” to end the war on Yemen.

The senior Yemeni official said earlier this week that Yemen was waiting for real action not mere words on peace in Yemen.

“State Blinken’s comments on Yemen being free from foreign influence were positive,” Houthi wrote in a post published on his Twitter page on Monday.

“We are waiting for [US] action to withdraw American elements and experts from the battle, and to neutralize American weapons and withdraw them from the confrontation. This is what we’re looking for and what would be consistent with the comments,” he added.

Biden’s policy on Yemen not different from Trump’s 

Meanwhile, the spokesman for Yemen’s popular Ansarullah movement, Mohammed Abdul-Salam, said on Wednesday that the position of new US administration is not different from that of the previous administration.

He said Joe Biden’s administration is following the same policy as that of former president Donald Trump, rejecting any direct contact between Ansarullah members and the US side.

He said the US has offered no new plan for peace in Yemen, noting Washington has, through Oman, presented an old plan for the resolution of the conflict, Abdul Salam told Al Jazeera, Al Alam TV network website reported.

Abdul-Salam added that the US plan is not a new plan for the resolution of the Yemeni crisis as it plan was already presented by the United Nations.

“Through the Omani mediator, we are waiting for the US response to our vision for a solution [to the Yemeni crisis],” he said.

‘Yemen war foreign aggression not civil war’

The Yemeni deputy foreign minister on Wednesday described the Yemen war as “foreign aggression” not a civil war, criticizing the UN projection on the Yemeni war, Yemen’s al-Masirah TV reported.

Hussein al-Ezzi, speaking at a press conference, said the UN request from Sana’a for a ceasefire is unrealistic because there is a war going on between the two sides and such a request must be made by both sides, noting it was not Sana’a that initiated the war.

“All forms of war and siege, including prohibited weapons … were used against the Yemeni people, and the United Nations remained silent in the face of all of them. The UN envoy [to Yemen] distorted the facts at the Security Council and said that the targeting of Sana’a by Saudi Arabia was [Riyadh’s] response to the targeting of Saudi territory; something the Yemeni envoy himself knows better than the world that is a lie,” he said.

He expressed regret that the UN is turning a blind eye to the reality on the ground in Yemen.

“The Yemeni war is foreign aggression … not a civil war. Yemen did not decide to start this war, but the declaration of war was made by a foreign capital, and the military command of this war is in the hands of non-Yemeni forces,” he added


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