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Morales seeks punishment for Bolivia’s coup orchestrators

Bolivia's former President Evo Morales has called for the masterminds and accomplices of a coup d'état that saw him flee his home country almost two years ago, to be duly punished.

According to Press TV, Morales made the remarks after a court in Bolivia issued arrest warrants for his successor Jeanine Anez and several other individuals over their role in the November 2019 coup against Morales.

Citing the coup d’etat, Morales tweeted that the “authors and accomplices of the dictatorship” that succeeded him must be “investigated and sanctioned.”

Anez has rejected the accusations and denounced the ensuing arrest warrants.

She claimed to be the victim of “aberrant political persecution” and said she should benefit from immunity as a former president.

“It is an absolute outrage, they are accusing us of being accomplices of an alleged coup,” Anez told local television as she arrived in a military plane at a La Paz airport under heavy police escort.

“There is not a grain of truth in the accusations. It is simple political intimidation. There was no coup. I took part in a constitutional succession,” Anez noted.

In letters to the Organization of American States and the European Union, she appealed for observer missions to evaluate her arrest and those of her former energy and justice ministers.

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