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“Israel” Afraid of Its Own Shadow, SSI 2021 Reveals Eroding Dominance

The SSI 2021 warns of increasing risks to “Israel’s” national security, due to the internal political crisis affecting the army, and the growing capacity of Iran and its allies in the region.

The Strategic Survey for “Israel” (SSI) by the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), has been published today – Wednesday. The INSS annual assessment, as the case in previous years, investigates the effect of regional and international threats and opportunities with commendations made to “Israeli” political and security leaders to set their policies and options.

This Year’s Strategic survey warns of a deterioration in the “Israeli” national security balance on several levels, as “Israel” comes at a time when there is a large division between its strength and ability to confront external threats.  The security, political, healthcare, economic and domestic challenges lead to the fact that “Israel” is grappling with challenges that for it are unprecedented.

“In the external realm, “Israel” had a supportive administration, two leading generals in Iran were assassinated, and peace agreements with some Arab countries brought “Israel” to a very good place. But, this will not continue in the coming year, there is a new administration, Iran wants revenge, and the New Year brings with it many challenges”, the survey assured.

Furthermore, the report also stressed the importance of ongoing normalization with the neighboring countries, because “peace agreements and the support of the United States are basic pillars of national security”. Therefore, “Israel” must adhere to and strive to expand the circle of peace and normalization between “Israel” and its neighbors, and to maintain a solid strategic alliance with the United States,” the survey went on to say.

At the core of the strategic assessment for 2021 stands “the threat lurking in hundreds and thousands of precision missiles from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran, which is considered a first-class strategic risk, and work must continue to thwart it and reduce its danger.”

“The strategic building of force and operational plans for the possibility of war on several fronts, but at the same time, security and political efforts must be initiated, in order to prevent war and deplete other alternatives, to achieve “Israel’s’ security objectives in the northern area,” the survey stressed.

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