IRGC unveils new underground missile base on Persian Gulf coast -

IRGC unveils new underground missile base on Persian Gulf coast

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps unveiled a new underground missile city on the Persian Gulf’s coast during a visit by IRGC Chief Commander Major General Hossein Salami and IRGC Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri.

IRGC – Speaking at the missile city, General Salami said the IRGC Navy’s strategic missiles and their launchers are stored at the base.

“What you see today in this complex is one of several facilities containing the Guard’s naval strategic missiles, in which we see a column of missiles and their launch systems,” the IRGC chief said. “The length of these columns is kilometers and the IRGC navy possesses many of these complexes. Thank God, the Guard’s Navy has achieved the adequacy and maturity of power today.”

General Salami said these missiles are precision-guided, capable of overcoming the enemy’s electronic warfare and have a range of hundreds of kilometers as well as high destruction power.

The IRGC chief paid a visit to units and equipment that are stationed at the missile base, which is located in southern Iranian province Hormozgan. The precise location of the new underground base has not been revealed.

He also said that Iran’s logic to defend itself is based on its strength.

“Our logic to defend territorial integrity, the country’s independence, and the achievements of the Islamic Revolution is to get strong,” General Salami said. “We believe that our enemies do not accept the power of logic, rather they rely on the logic of power. Therefore, in order to prevent them from imposing their domineering will and plan, we have no other way than boosting our deterrent defensive and offensive power.”

Last week, Salami paid a visit to Abu Musa Island, where he issued a stern warning to the enemies.

“We have shown both in words and action that we will respond to any action by the enemy against us with a reciprocal, decisive and strong blow, and it has been proven many times that we do not ignore or leave any threat or aggression by enemies unanswered,” he said during his visit to the island.

He added, “The Guard’s Navy, especially in recent years, has achieved extraordinary capabilities and achievements, and what we are witnessing today is part of the Guard’s power at sea.”

During his visit, the commander inspected the IRGC bases and assets on the island, saying that the Basij forces stationed on the Abu Musa Island are at the forefront of defending Iran.

Addressing these forces, General Salami said, “Today, You are at the forefront of defending the country in Abu Musa Island. And when the enemy sees you, it comes to the conclusion that it must act and treat this nation in a polite, respectful and cautious way because your presence is indicative of the will of a whole nation.”

General Salami also issued another warning to the enemies, underlining that the IRGC is ready to defend the country. He warned the enemies of Iran against making the slightest mistake in the Persian Gulf region, adding that the IRGC Navy is fully ready to defend the country.

“The enemy should be careful about its miscalculations in the region,” the general cautioned. “Sometimes the Iranian forces hold military drills to help the enemy to make their calculations more precise and to avoid mistakes.”

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