Iran’s Ambassador to Italy: Iran on frontline of fight against terrorism

Iran on frontline of fight against terrorism

Iran’s Ambassador to Italy Hamid Bayat said on Wednesday on the 42nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution that the Islamic Republic of Iran has played a unique role in providing stability and security for the region and the world with heroic sacrifice in the frontline of the fight against terrorism, extremism, and drug trafficking.

In a statement made available to IRNA, Bayat said that the Islamic Republic, established 42 years ago by the victory of the Islamic Revolution, is a governmental system based on the will and demand of the majority of Iranian people who toppled the despotic imperial regime in favor of a democratic one.

Despite many difficulties and hurdles, including the 8-year imposed war and cruel sanctions by the United States and the West, the Islamic Republic of Iran is still alive with strength and sovereignty, according to Bayat.

He also stated that the Iranian people and government proved during 42 years that they respect treaties as long as there is bilateral respect and honest agreement; however, if they face atrocious maximum pressure, they would impose an unprecedented defeat to those who established the pressure and economic terrorism.

Iran’s Ambassador to Rome also commemorated the late General Qasemb Soleimani who was martyred by the US terrorist army last year.

On relations between Iran and Italy, the diplomat said that the ties between the two countries are friendly and developing, thanks to longstanding relations and shared understating of history and culture.

He underlined that after the JCPOA was signed between Iran and the 6 world powers in 2015, facilitating economic relations, trading exchanges between Iran and Italy were so high that the country became Iran’s top economic partner in Europe.

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