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Iran enemies going down the downward slope of defeat

The chief commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the country’s enemies are going down “the downward slope of defeat and decadence,” hailing how the Iranian nation managed to send the adversaries down that path through its resistance.

Iran enemies going down the downward slope of defeat – “We are bearing witness to this issue. They (the adversaries) are on the run,” and waning in the eyes of the Iranian nation, Major General Hossein Salami said on Tuesday.

“We are bearing witness to the [process of] waning of powers. This issue has been proven to us and we have heartfelt belief in it,” he added.

He was addressing an event held to commemorate the veterans of the Islamic Republic’s successful confrontation against the hugely Western-backed war imposed by Iraq’s former dictator Saddam. The defensive campaign has, owing to its heroic and memorable nature, earned the nickname “the Sacred Defense.”

“The Sacred Defense,” Salami asserted, “was not a preventable and stoppable historic incident, but one that continues to occur as an existing fact within the [Iranian] society.”

“The spirit of resistance” that evolved during the period, lived on to empower the nation to successfully confront the United States’ oppressive sanctions as well as the Americans’ and other Westerners’ psychological operation and their heavy anti-Iran media campaign, the commander noted.

The Iranian people have truly broken the sanctions down, General Salami observed. The closer the enemy tries to advance towards the nation, the farther it actually distances itself away from it, he stated.

General Salami considered the people’s success in facing the adversaries today to be owed to the same passion for resistance that took shape during the country’s wartime defensive efforts.

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