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Croatian police detain 14 for hate speech against Serbs

Persons suspected of hate speech in the Croatian eastern town of Borovo will be handed over to a detention supervisor on Monday, and police will file a criminal complaint against them with the competent state attorney's office, police reported.

Police say they detained 14 persons from Vukovar-Srijem County on Sunday who are under criminal investigation on suspicion of committing the crime of public incitement to violence and hatred, chanting inappropriate slogans.

In cooperation with other police departments, a criminal investigation is being conducted into several other persons from other counties, police added.

The incident that occurred in Borovo on Sunday morning, when a group of football fans chanted anti-Serb slogans, including “Kill the Serbs”, was condemned by the Vukovar branches of the HDZ and SDP parties, the SDSS, the Joint Council of Municipalities and the county Serb National Minority Council.

The incident in Borovo which occurred on the day of the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the death of 12 members of special police forces from Vinkovci, killed in an ambush by Serb paramilitaries on 2 May 1991, and on the day when Orthodox Christians, who are a majority in Borovo, celebrated Easter, was also condemned by the government, President Zoran Milanovic, the Serb National Council and others.

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