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Canada’s Third-largest Party Endorses Boycott Of ‘Israel’

Members of Canada’s progressive New Democratic Party [NDP] voted overwhelmingly to endorse a boycott against the ‘Israeli’ entity during its recent party convention.

At its virtual party convention on April 10, the NDP—Canada’s third-largest party—adopted the resolution “Justice and ‘Peace’ in ‘Israel’-Palestine” that calls for a boycott of products emanating from the Zionist settlements, as well as an arms embargo on the Zionist entity.

“The adoption of this motion today was a result of a groundswell of support from the grassroots membership,” said Amy Kishek, one of the lead organizers for the resolution at the NDP convention. “Not only is this position hugely popular with the NDP membership, but it is something that is supported by the vast majority of the Canadian labor movement as well as the Canadian population at large.”

Founded in 1961, the NDP is a progressive party led by Jagmeet Singh. It currently holds 24 seats out of 338 in Canada’s House of Commons.

Speaking after the resolution’s passage to reporters, Singh defended it, saying that in order to find a solution to the ‘Israeli’-Palestinian conflict, that “some pressure is required. And that’s something I support.”

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