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Biden and the sweet legacy of Trump

Many have written about the heavy legacy that Donald Trump has left for his successor Joe Biden. However, if we read well about the role the deep system plays in the U.S., it will be difficult to actually believe that. Trump, the clown, came for the purpose of rewriting the international agreements, which America had signed during Barak Obama’s presidency (2008- 2016).

Biden and the sweet legacy of Trump – Obama’s era is marked as the worst years of the modern history of the Arab region. His administration was able to implement a roadmap for applying Bernard Luis’s views and recommendations in re-dividing West Asia and North Africa, in order to regain power over the region.

The plan did not only include Syria and Libya; it was supposed to extend to reach Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Sudan. The plan also included reconstructing other countries like Jordan, which will be expanded in the Saudi territories, and creating a Kurdish state, not within historical Kurdistan, but rather extends from northern Iraq through northern Syria to reach the Mediterranean Sea.

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Secondly, in order to reach the desired result, Obama’s administration resorted to employ the policy of creative chaos, which was born from the womb of the Arab Spring that toppled many Arab leaders and altered policies and ruling systems in countries such as Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, and Tunisia. In addition, it declared the Saudi war on Yemen.

When Trump reached the White House, it was clear that the economy of Arab countries was deteriorating, especially after five years of internal conflicts and economic blockades that were imposed on different states around the world. The international banking system for monetary exchange SWIFT permitted the ultimate control of the U.S. over dollar transaction around the world. Hence, the value of national currencies deteriorated against the dollar.

The second achievement of Obama’s administration was the deteriorating role of the Arab League, especially after suspending the Syrian membership and the diminishing of the Egyptian role. Accordingly, the Arab Persian Gulf countries solely controlled the Arab decision and enabled them to proceed with normalization agreements with the “Israelis”, without worrying about any reaction by the public or officials on the part of Arabs.

The Trump administration benefited the most from the new conditions to implement the Abraham Accords in many Arab countries. The normalization agreements enabled the Israeli in the region and opened a new horizon of power. Israel was labeled as the protector of the Persian Gulf Arab countries. In addition, the agreements signed with Sudan and the Kingdom of Morocco empowered the Israeli presence on the major water paths from the Atlantic Ocean to the Persian Gulf.

America needed the presence of a ridiculous arrogant man like Trump to push around the world in his own bold way to make these achievements. The redistribution of agreements during Trump’s presidential term constitutes a powerful card for the new American administration to play, i.e. once negotiations with Iran restarts.

Actually, Trump gave the coming administration an opportunity to filter the agreements and laws signed during Obama’s administration. First, it was basically to the best interests of both U.S. international corporations and “Israel”, especially when it comes to revising the nuclear agreement with Iran, the commerce agreements with China and Europe, in particular the world trade agreements.

Secondly, Trump withdrew from several United Nations bodies and stopped paying its dues. He demanded Europe to pay its share of NATO costs, and the Arab countries in the Persian Gulf region to pay the expenses of the U.S. army’s protection, which alleviated additional financial burdens on the U.S. Treasury. Most importantly, Trump reviewed tax laws and reduced tax on the rich. These corporations form an important factor in the U.S. deep state’s decision-making.

Basically, Trump paved the way for Biden to be very specific in making decisions and sifting through international agreements. He crippled the Europeans’ agreements with China and Iran, and almost destroyed their economy. He literally pushed towards revising agreements with Iran and China, especially after Iran’s progresses in missile technology over the last five years and discovery of oil in the South China Sea.

Finally, declaring Ansar Allah as a terrorist organization after more than five years of war on Yemen. With such a declaration, Trump was not proving his loyalty to the millions of dollars paid by the Saudis and the Emirates. The decision was made to stall the agreements around ceasing war in Yemen and giving the allies a considerable period of time to rearrange their priorities, especially “Israel”.

Definitely, the main aim behind Trump’s decision was not giving Biden, his democratic successor, the opportunity to benefit from his achievements. Trump was preparing for his second presidential term. He never doubted his ability to win the elections, and to make America great again. However, he lost.

In reviewing Trump’s achievements, it is clear that the man has facilitated the work of Biden’s task on the international level. Biden now is able to make decisions with a wide range of political choices. By rejoining many agreements, such as the Paris climate agreement, and pushing for safe environmental technology, Biden is only pushing the U.S. towards the technological competition again so that it would achieve more scientific advancement in the world. The second goal is to win back America’s historical allies in Europe that lost to the Chinese through the global trade agreements, which were signed during the Obama era.

However, Trump’s cruel legacy was basically the domestic one. He burdened his successor with inner troubles that requires hard work. America today is burdened with the three hardships: deterioration of the health sector, economic sluggishness, and security problems. The first two are the main drivers of the first 100 workdays that Biden has announced. However, the third one is yet to be anticipated. It is the core of the American troubles today because it is closely attached to the rising racist sentiments in the United States. It is the worst, since it is in reverse: the WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) are losing their slots to the colored and minorities.


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