Berlin won't tolerate anarchy in Germany but backs it in Iran The

Berlin won’t tolerate anarchy in Germany but backs it in Iran

TEHRAN- Germany has been voicing its support for anarchists in Iran while cracking down on them back home.

Berlin won’t tolerate anarchy in Germany but backs it in Iran – The double standard approach is one of the strongest pieces of evidence to date as to how the West is using the latest events in Iran for political purposes.

Firstly, what happened in Germany?

Security forces have been ramping up their operations against the German-based Reichsburger group or Reich Citizens movement.

“Like Germany, Iran has also confiscated a huge cache of weapons used by terrorists”A movement that represents far-right groups whose members are said to be fed up with the current state of governance and seeks to change it.

And a movement that Berlin has previously listed as a terrorist organization.

In a social media post, the German interior minister Nancy Faeser said, “the investigations give us a glimpse into the abyss of a terrorist threat by Reichsburger.”

“The suspected terrorist organization uncovered today is – according to the state of the investigation – driven by violent overthrow fantasies and conspiracy ideologies.

The further investigations will provide a clear picture of how far the plans for overthrow had already progressed.”

“Militant Reichsburger are united by their hatred of democracy, of our state, and of people who stand up for our community.

That is why we are taking action against such endeavors with all the consequences of the rule of law. We will continue to take this hard line.”

Germany will respond with the full force of the law, Faeser added, “the constitutional state knew how to defend itself.”

The German government has accused the movement and its supporters of orchestrating a carefully planned coup attempt to overthrow the government of Olaf Scholz.

Some 3,000 armed police took part in the initial phase of the operation with the security efforts ongoing and expanding.

The storming of around 100 sites in all 16 states by armed police was extended even to the Italian city of Perugia.

German citizens have been detained on suspicion of “membership in a terrorist organization.”

“The wider hybrid war against Iran comes at a time when the West is facing an energy crisis”Others are being detained for supporting the far-right groups that German authorities accuse of planning the insurrection.

Berlin says the terror group’s aim was to get rid of the current government and replace it with their own. The alleged plot reportedly involved storming parliament and arresting its sitting members.

The German president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, said he was “deeply concerned” by the conspiracy, describing it as a “new level”.

Plans by the movement have recently become clearer as it began to acquire weapons. The head of Germany’s domestic intelligence, the federal office for the protection of the constitution, Thomas Haldenwang added “the affinity to weapons is very high. There are legal and illegal weapons”.

The head of Germany’s federal criminal police, Holger Münch said weapons had been seized in 50 out of 150 properties searched without specifying the type of weapons his officers have seized.

According to Haldenwang plans by the movement for a “bloody coup” attempt had been serious.

German prosecutors have described one man who has been detained as the head of the group’s “military arm”.

Haldenwang said that “if it had been up to this group, then the threat was already quite real.”

In other words, if Berlin did not act so forcefully and seriously and with such widescale security operations, there would have been a violent, deadly, and bloody situation on the streets of Germany.

Something that has been (intentionally) lost on the German government and its security officials when it comes to Iran, which has been dealing with a much more serious and deadly situation.

Thugs and terrorists, affiliated with terror organizations based outside Iran’s borders, have been staging a deadly campaign across the country over the past few weeks.

Terrorists have been killing Iranian security personnel.

Thugs have been burning and beating up security personnel to death.

And in a more recent case, a security officer was dragged on a street as terrorists kicked, punched, and stabbed him as he bled slowly to death.

That prompted Germany to strongly denounce Iran’s execution sentence of the man who repeatedly drove his knife into and out of the officer’s body, dealing the final blow, until he died.

Can there be a more brutal cold-blooded murder of a country’s security personnel?

Actually, there have been many other graphic cases of thugs and terrorists surrounding lone security personnel and killing them in the most vicious way imaginable.

Like Germany, Iran has also confiscated a huge cache of weapons used by terrorists.

Yet Berlin has denounced Tehran’s response to the recent deadly events in Iran.

Instead of issuing a statement of condemnation for the deadly acts of terror and supporting the Iranian government and the security of a sovereign state, it has done the opposite.

Worst still, the German government has backed what it has labeled as “peaceful protesters” rallying against the country’s constitution. A constitution that was democratically chosen and supported by the people in a public referendum.

Iran has summoned Germany’s ambassador to Tehran over Berlin’s ironic support for the foreign-backed plots and the incitement of terrorism in the Islamic Republic.

Germany says its security is a redline. The German ambassador was also informed likewise about Iran’s security.

The envoy was cautioned that it was “intensely lamentable” that Germany adopts a “selective and dual” approach in a way that it views subversive actions as “good for others, but harmful for themselves.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian has also criticized Germany for its “hypocritical and deceitful” approach toward the Islamic Republic.

Iran’s top diplomat posted a message on social media that read “although Germany regards such scourges as off limits for itself, it encourages the same evil phenomena in Iran while undercutting the country’s justifiable efforts to combat such measures.”

These instances of double standards by Germany and other Western countries are a clear example of how the Islamic Republic’s enemies are increasing their regime change efforts in a country where there are vast levels of oil and gas.

Coincidentally, the foreign support for rioters and terrorists and the wider hybrid war against Iran comes at a time when the West is facing an unprecedented energy crisis.


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