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America has not been helping itself

It’s easy to get the impression that the people most set upon in the world now, really as never before, are the seven million or so people trapped in divided cantons inside historic Palestine with no civil rights, no vote, no official empathy and no resources to speak of except “samud”, an Arabic term for something like gutsy endurance in the face of pain.

America has not been helping itself – And reports are saying their overlords, Zionist Jews, another 7 million or so (who are stealing for Jewish-only “settlements” the land that Palestinian generations have owned for centuries) are being denied even the vaccines against the Covid pandemic that are being dispersed almost exclusively to Jews only. A few scattered people in the U.S. Congress are vaguely concerned about this, which is saying something.

At least the International Criminal Court in The Hague is warming up to the notion of reviving efforts to charge Israel with war crimes and other abuses what with Trump gone, he who sanctioned ICC members over previous indications that court action was underway.

Perhaps most succinct were the words before Congress in 2016 of Michael Scheuer, a former CIA employee, author and adjunct professor at Georgetown University, regarding the U.S. role in this tragedy: “I’d dump the Israelis yesterday, but I suppose tomorrow would be better than nothing.

Israel is possibly the single worst thing to happen to the U.S. since its founding. The entire “War on Terror” since 9/11 and the loss of millions of lives, as well as any remaining moral authority America had; the resulting destruction of the Bill of Rights; the trillions of dollars in debt resulting from the endless wars; crappy relations the Muslim world; false flag attacks on the U.S. which someday may go nuclear; these are all the fault of the “special relationship” in which the U.S. bends over and takes it from the Israelis every time with only the occasional protest for public consumption…. American has been CURSED by its support of Israel, and the curse will lead to damnation.”

Strong words indeed, but true enough, except that no administration has had the courage to say these things even though one could wager that many in Congress who know anything of history since 1948 probably would agree…but only when they are no longer in government. West Asia’s truths have gone unrewarded in Washington because those who speak it almost invariably suffer ostracism.

Now we have to witness a Biden appointment, Rob Malley (a West Asia expert who worked in previous administrations and now named the prime envoy focusing on Iran). He’s getting smeared by the Neocon Zionist establishment in DC because he has been said to be too “soft” on Iran and not enthused enough about Israel.

One can say this again: “Israel” will be the death of the U.S. as any kind of respected nation worldwide. Malley is probably the best person for the job according to respected commentators outside the “exceptionalist” mob of fools.

Obviously, the question now is whether the new Biden administration will ever challenge the Zionist hardliners. Don’t bet on it unless Israel attacks Iran unexpectedly…and drags the U.S. into a fresh war that neither can win unless carnage and destruction are the sole aims.

Note how fast Netanyahu has turned his back on Trump, who kissed his rear end for four years. Netanyahu has been making deals with the Chinese (another alleged U.S. “enemy” of sorts) but also cozying up to Biden’s administration and cabinet appointments where Zionists dominate.

For now anyway it appears that the Palestinians are being totally forgotten, heaved into oblivion, in part because many have simply become exhausted by over 70 years of their struggle for human rights and political voice. The Biden administration must understand that pushing U.S. hegemony and exceptionalism and not multilateralism necessarily involves tensions with Russia, Iran and China.

Yet, importantly, the U.S. is sharply divided and in horrible shape financially. One side is still glommed on to the immoral buffoon who is threatening to start a new political party, while the other side is lined up behind senile Biden who is surely taking his talking points and orders from Deep State others.

Even billionaire Ray Dalio, the leader of the largest hedge fund in the U.S., Bridgewater, has said this month that a civil war could unfold inside the U.S.

The answer for those who truly care about justice and democracy and better foreign relations? More “samud”, more patience. America has been all about wrecking itself this century. And it’s showing like never before.


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