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A commemoration of the late Hasan Čengić

A commemoration of the late Hasan Čengić was held in Iran

A commemoration of the late Hasan Čengić – A commemoration of the late Hasan Čengić was held in Iran

On the occasion of death of Hasan Čengić a commemoration was held in Tehran ,which was attented by the ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegowina in Iran and notable personalities of cultural and political life of Islamic Republic of Iran as well.

The commemoration of Hasan Čengić,former Deputy of Defense minister of Bosnia and Herzegowina was held on Tuesday,November 16th 2021 in the Museum of Holy Defense in Tehran.The commemoration was attended by Abuzarr Ebrahimi Turkman,president of Organization of islamic culture and communication,His Excellency Samir Veladžić ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegowina in Iran,Hujjatulislam Sayyed Abolhasan Nawab,Rector of The University of religions,General Ali Fazli,one of the commanders of Iran-Iraq war,Ebrahim Taherian,Advisor of Minister of Foreign affairs and first ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Bosnia and Herzegowina and all those who had respect for this prominent personality of the Islamic world.

At the beginning of commemoration,The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegowina in Iran,Samir Veladžić welcomed all attendees and thanked the Officials of I.R Iran for emphatizing with people and The Government of Bosnia and Herzegowina and added:“By death of Hasan Čengić Bosnia lost one extraordinary personality,Iran lost a a true friend and Islamic world lost one tireless fighter.“

The Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina added: “This notable figure, in addition to his effective and sincere role in the defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, spent his blessed life in the realization of Islamic ideals in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and his unforgettable service will forever be remembered.”

In the continuation of the commemoration, Hujjatolislam Sayyed Abolhassan Nawab, Rector of the University of Religions, in his speech reminded of the sacrifice shown by the late Hasan Čengic during the war in Bosnia and Herzegowina and pointed out: “He was a great person who was fully aware of the issue of the Islamic world and has dedicated his entire blessed life to the promotion of Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina. ”

Hujjatolislam Sayyed Abolhassan Nawab also said: “Hasan Čengic has deeply influenced the fate of Muslims and Bosnia and HerzegoWina, and future generations will remember this great man forever.”

Mohammad Jawad Asayesh Zarci, former ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the former Yugoslavia, in remembrance of the late Čengic said : At the time when i was appointed as an ambassador in Belgrade,the late Čengić was in prison together with couple of other muslim fighters of Balkan region because of his support for the Islamic Revolution of Iran. He was a person who endured great hardships for the people, the faith and his country. ”

The former Iranian ambassador in the former Yugoslavia said that the role of Hasan Cengic in promoting Muslims in the Balkans and his helper to the people and state of Bosnia and Herzegovina in preserving territorial integrity could not be forgotten.

The audience was addressed by Ebrahim Taherian, the first Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to BiH and an advisor of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran.

Referring to Hasan Cengic’s role in achieving independence and democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he said: “Cengic has not given up his efforts to promote Islam and his country until the last moment of his life, and the emptiness of his presence will be felt forever.”

After that ,Karimi, a member of staff of The Humanitarian Aid for Bosnia and Herzegowina during the war, emphasized the important role that the late Čengic played in providing humanitarian aid during the difficult times of war in besieged Sarajevo, and said: “Hasan čengic’s skill was that he enabled friendly aid from friendly Iran and from other Islamic countries to come to the government and the disenfranchised Bosnian people. ”

A former member of the staff of The Humanitarian Aid for Bosnia and Herzegwina during the war commented on Čengic’s sacrifice and said: “Although during the difficult period of the war and siege, čengic sided with the people of his country and defended his homeland and people, his service was not limited to the Bosnian war,even after that, his activities on the religious-political scene were a benefit for the Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the world. ”

At the commemoration on the occasion of the death of Hasan Cengic, condolences were read and video messages were sent by Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, Secretary of the Guardian Council, Ali Akbar Velayati, International Affairs Adviser to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and Hujjatolislam Shahriyyar, President of the Association for Islamic Schools of thought.

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