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Hajj Qassem used to capture people’s hearts

General Qassem Soleimani’s daughter, Zainab Soleimani, tells Al-Mayadeen what we do not know about the ablest General who was "Born to Lead".

General Qassem Soleimani’s daughter, Zainab Soleimani, uncovers in an exclusive interview with Al-Mayadeen, the General’s merits of life, mirroring her father as a kind leader, a Linchpin of the resistance and a noble man with a big heart.

The General’s daughter said that what distinguished her father was his sharp-witted and charismatic character as a combat leader, besides he also possessed a holy tenderness of heart.”

“Hajj Qassem used to capture people’s hearts. My father touched the core of many people, especially all of those who have worked with him closely,” the General’s daughter added.

Zainab explained that Soleimani’s presence on the ground alongside the fighters, in various countries, stirred from his moral obligation to stand up for the weak people everywhere, because “he did not differentiate between the Lebanese, Syrians, Iranians, Palestinians or Yemenis. People’s dignity is a red line that should never be crossed.”

In response to her continuous question out of fear for his life, Martyr Soleimani would answer: “How do you ask me not to go?! These oppressed youth are trapped. I am their hope after God.” How can I not go? ”

In the same context, martyr Suleimani went on to say that “those people are waiting for me to go and help them. When I see any displaced woman suffering from this war, I remember Zainab my daughter. They are like my children. It is my duty to go, I cannot stay.”

Zainab Suleimani confirmed that the General believed with all his impulses that wherever there were oppressed people robbed of their freedom, he must go and offer them support and help.”

In addition, he “considered that there was a rapprochement between Syria, Iran and Lebanon. These common borders were critical. At any moment the enemy could flex its military muscles and reach Iran’s borders.”

On the Palestinian file, Zeinab considered that the Palestinian issue and the Palestinian people were very important to martyr Suleimani. He believed in backing oppressed Palestinians in various ways,” adding that “he put all his capabilities to serve the Palestinian cause, and the result is clear as we can eye the strength of the Palestinian resistance day after day.”

On Iran’s domestic policy, Soleimani did not belong to any of Iran’s “political wings”, and it didn’t matter for him “whether this citizen belongs to this or that political wing[I01] . He didn’t care about variations in religion and social class. He always said: “I am the soldier of Iranian people”, pointing out that he “never tied himself to any political current in Iran.”

The linchpin of Resistance Leaders

Martyr Soleimani considered himself “a soldier under the guidance of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, adding that he hold a special place in his heart for Ayatollah Khamenei. “If you wanted to describe his relationship with the leader, I would say that he considered Ayatollah Khamenei closer to him than (his) jugular vein”, Zeinab clarified.

As for his relationship with the Iraqi leader, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, Soleimani’s daughter said that it was a sincere and profound relationship. “Personally, when I was traveling with him, I never saw, not once, my father alone without Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis,”she stressed.

Regarding his relationship with Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Zeinab said: “Their relationship was fraternal and heartfelt. There was a brotherly love between them, on both sides. In fact, no words can describe the relationship between them.”

Besides, Soleimani “always praised the Yemeni resistance,” hailing “their patience and confidence in God’s will, despite grave burdens.” General Soleimani used to express his affection for Mr. Abdul Malik Al Houthi, describing him as one of the resilient leaders”, Zeinab noted.

Furthermore, Soleimani used to designate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as “a very brave man, who cares about his people and loves them remarkably.” And that, unlike many Arab leaders who fled when they were under immense pressure. “Mr. Assad stood firm and defended his people and his country with all his strength and solidity,”Zeinab quoted the martyr as saying.

The General’s daughter also described the deep sorrow which afflicted her father after the martyrdom of Imad Mughniyeh, Hezbollah’s military leader. She explained that her family “could not speak with her father for days, because he was so spiritually hurt. He felt so lonely when Hajj Imad was martyred”.

A look into the life of General Soleimani:  Books, Assassinations and America’s Madman

Zainab Soleimani mentioned some of numerous assassination attempts and plots on her father, who “had many enemies.” The General’s daughter went on to say that the assassination attempts took place in various countries, including one attempt in his own village of Kerman, where the terrorists dug an underground tunnel leading to a Husayniyah, blowing it up.”

Meanwhile martyr Soleimani, according to his daughter, “was searching for combat, martyrdom on the front lines”.

In regards to families of martyrs, Soleimani showed a great concern. “He worried about them. They meant a lot to him, and he liked taking care of them,” Zeinab recalled.

Regarding his personal life, Zainab explained that the Quds Force commander “loved to read. He read a lot, and he used to read different kinds of books. He read the Quran, novels and scientific books,” adding that “he memorized maps, because of his constant reading. He was very smart. He also read and memorized poetry. Furthermore, General Soleimani read historical books. He liked sports and practiced it whenever he could. ”

When Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States, Zainab pointed out that she told her father, “A madman has become the president of US.” The General laughed at that time, and responded confidently: “My daughter, America will be destroyed by this madman”.


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